The Scoop – Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

Very few things will get me out of bed before 9 0’clock on Saturday mornings. It just so happens that two of those things, are waffles & ice cream.


The Scoop, Spokane’s premier destination for artisan ice cream, partnered with other local businesses to offer a special menu just for today that featured donuts, brownies, cinnamon rolls, and waffles – all topped in ice cream.

When we arrived at a little after 9am, there was already a line out the door. The people working in the shop were super nice and handled the mass of hungry breakfasters very well. I ordered the Affogato Waffle with Salted Caramel ice cream, doused in two espresso shots. It was mucho delicioso!

However, I didn’t think about how salty the espresso/salted caramel combination would be, so I might advise picking a different ice cream flavor if espresso shots are involved. My friends ordered the Affogato Cinnamon Roll and the Bacon Donut Sammie seen in the picture above. As you could’ve guessed from the mouthwatering pictures, everything was amazingly yummy.


RATING: I’d give The Scoop a 4/5 stars for being irresistibly delicious, but maybe a little  on the pricey side for a college student budget. I’m definitely planning to go back and try something off their regular menu, or even just pop in for a good old fashioned ice cream cone. I have to say, their Salted Carmel ice cream was top-tier in quality, flavor and taste. Definitely recommend!




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  1. SO MUCH YUM. I’ve never been to The Scoop but it sounds amazing. Also, how does the espresso taste on food? I would think that it would be really bitter compared to the other flavors.


    1. Evanann says:

      I’d definitely suggest the Scoop for a yummy breakfast treat! The espresso was very bitter and almost salty tasting, but I think if I’d picked a more compatible ice cream flavor like vanilla, chocolate or really anything besides salted caramel, the espresso/ice cream combo would have been more delicious. Still though, I’m a huge coffee lover and I thought it was dang good 🙂


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