Seattle Eats – Pikes Place & Moore Coffee

One can’t just walk through Pikes Place without getting a few treats. The best part about going with friends, is that you can try and share everything! We ate some delicious Ellenos yogurt- the marionberry pie and caramel slice flavors. We also had a giant snickerdoodle cookie. IT WAS SO YUMMY. The perfect combination of softness without falling apart. My favorite part of Pikes Place is all the flower that you get to see. Today, they had a bunch of tulips, which are a sure sign of spring coming!

After we had thoroughly explored the market, we dropped by the gum wall for a photo op and headed out to find some coffee. We walked a few blocks to Moore coffee, which is known for it’s fabulous coffee art. IMG_7567

For me, they created a little elephant. The coffee itself tasted really good and the cozy shop gave us shelter from the pouring Seattle rain. I’d definitely recommend this coffee shop, they even had food available as well as baked goods for a quick snack.


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