Carrot Cake 2.0

Although going out to eat at restaurants is nice, Easter Sunday is one of those days that cooking at home is a tradition. Every year, it’s my job to make the carrot cake. This year, everyone is trying to be a little healthier, so we tried a carrot cake that was lower in sugar and calories, without compromising taste.

The result was a delicious, semi-healthy carrot cake that tasted AMAZING. The cake had only 2/3 cup of sugar and no dairy. The recipe can be found here:

Healthy Carrot Cake

For frosting, we continued the “healthy” trend, using a  greek yogurt/cream cheese frosting which was also from the blog Chocolate Covered Katie. I loved this recipe too! It can be found here:

How To Make Greek Yogurt Frosting

As a surprise to me, my family even converted the carrot cake into a birthday cake since I will be back at school on my birthday. How sweet of them!  Below are some wild flowers picked on my walk, my birthday/Easter cake, and my adorable niece Hadley wearing her beautiful Easter dress. How cute is she?!


I would give both of these recipes 5/5 stars because they are way healthier than regular carrot cake and tasted absolutely delicious. They helped make our Easter Day that much more wonderful.





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