A Saturday Brunch at Chaps

The best way to spend the weekend is with a hike and a stop for breakfast. Saturday morning, a few friends and I went on a beautiful hike around the fish trap area in Spokane. Afterward, we’d worked up an appetite and began scouting places to stop for brunch.

Chaps was on our list of must-try places because of their cute decor, ambiance, and reportedly good food. Chaps did not disappoint! I ordered the Spanish omelet, seen below.


It was a veggie omelet with red peppers and cheese, topped with guacamole and pico. The potatoes on the side were excellent (and I grew up in Idaho, so I know potatoes). The toasted bread even tasted better than normal.

My friends both ordered the Blueberry Muffin French Toast, which they let me try. It was also really delicious. A breakfast place that can do both savory and sweet gets my seal of approval!

Chaps has a ton of outdoor seating, making it the perfect stop on a warm spring day. I would give Chaps a 4/5 stars. The food was really good, but I would have preferred a few more veggies inside my omelet. I also was a little disappointed because they didn’t let me pick what type of jam I would like, they just gave me blueberry, which isn’t my favorite. Other than that, the experience was perfect. I would definitely recommend!


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