What is your method?


This morning, I sat down with the co-founder of Method Juice Cafe & The Union here in Spokane. I wanted to pick his brain on what its like to be an entrepreneur and where he finds inspiration.


Method is a small juice cafe offering options like acais bowls (pictured above), rice bowls, chai seed pudding, a wide variety of juices, and smoothies. I’ve tried the acais bowls and smoothies, which are both healthy and extremely delicious. I’ve become somewhat addicted to the Source smoothie, it’s actually beginning to get bad for my wallet…

Method is located downtown and they’ve now opened their second location in the Northtown area, in the same building as the Union. If you happen to be spinning or yoga-ing at the Union, I highly suggest dropping by Method for a little rejuvenation after your work out.

I give Method a 4/5 stars because although their food is incredibly healthy and delicious, it’s a little too expensive to become a regular occurrence, especially on a college student budget.







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