Goals for 2017

January has basically come and gone, it has me thinking about how easily I seemed to give up on those new years resolutions. As I write this, I’m eating an Oreo. Ironic.

Oddly enough, eating Oreos does not completely go against my goals this year! My goals are to be healthy, but not obsessed with perfect eating. I want to eat lots of yummy food and do adventurous things, I do not want to be dieting all the time. Live life!

Another goal I have this year is to embrace moments. You know, those special glimpses of time that you probably don’t always notice because you’re too busy trying to get an instagram worthy picture. I often wonder how many moments I’ve missed by looking down at my phone… I want to put the phone away at dinner more often and live in the moment, soaking up the sunsets and the mountain views. I also want to deepen my yoga practice, by mastering a few new poses like the one seen below by @nwoy (instagram). Yoga is so beautiful!

Thirdly, I want to read more. Reading and writing is such a passion of mine, I gain so much inspiration from it. Recently, I bought Jane Harper’s debut mystery novel, The Dry. I’m getting over a cold this weekend, so I’m really looking forward to some relaxing mornings spent sipping coffee and getting lost in the pages of this book.

Fourth resolution is to continue my Yoga Pose in National Parks goal, also to travel more in general. I already added one national park to my list in 2017. My other travel goal is to leave the country at some point this year.

CHECK OFF THE LIST: Arches National Park Yellowstone, Rocky Mountain National Park, Redwood National Park, Canyonlands National Park.

Fifth goal, drink more. You heard me. Water, wine, coffee, green smoothies… Live it up with drinks.

In the new year, there is one important thing I want to do. I’m going to stop and ask myself if I were dying next month, would I make the decision that I am about to make? If I knew that life was precious and finite, would I still choose to live how I am now, right this second?  Or, would I change the way I’m doing things? Even though it might seem slightly morbid to think this way, the core reasoning is pretty down to earth because life is precious and finite. I’d rather look back with regrets about making too many mistakes rather than too few.


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